Here’s a place to rant on and on, cry, whine, complain endlessly, scream and shout to your hearts desire, to truly express yourself, and the minimum requirement is to have AT LEAST one fucking cuss word, otherwise you’re not blogging here like you should. This is anger-FULL blog therapy. Then go back to  calm self-control and other social media, you’ll feel a lot better, trust me, we all know the truth that life isn’t perfect. Whether it’s that ex you hate, the noisy annoying neighbor’s dog, traffic, your dead end job, crappy people, places and products here’s the place for word vomit.

We live in a digital world which we endlessly express ourselves (perfectly). Whether we got the new job, getting married, baking a new dish, we want to share this and that, the digital world is all about sharing, are other people’s life that perfect? NOT.  The lack of outlet for honest hardcore opinions, frustration and anger is rare. For example on another website that supposedly allows you to express freely your opinions, which I have repeatedly posted, I rarely saw my expressions posted, frustration leading to more frustration, how’s that working for ya? Many times the moderator has an agenda and is themselves selectively opinionated. I saw many other people who indicated the same thing, that they posted something and it was either deleted or never posted. Instead we have BS, sweet, syrupy run of the mill posts that are “politically correct”. Frankly I’m tired of politically net “etiquette”. We live in a society that dismisses and suppresses many of our other normal emotions. For example “Fakebook” is just that. How many times have we known friends that extrapolate the truth on this social media site. Just want to slap reality into some people. Basically the digital world has  created a place where truth and feelings can be stretched beyond belief, because in Fakeland life is always perfect, everyone is happy, and we should all sing fucking kumbaya, and pat each other on the back, instead of posting the truth. Here’s a really good example the post..reads: “Just got a 100k+ job omg, omg i’m so happy, blah, blah blah”. the comments to follow read from typical sheeple, something like this: “Wow, wow, you so deserve it you’re such a hard working person”, or “wow you’re such a good citizen”, etc, etc. When in realty the job is only half that amount, the person that posted is far from a good citizen, more like scum of the earth  and you just want to vomit from the pure dishonesty that oozes with crap. So that’s why I started this blog. Tired of political correctness, fake nicety, Fakebook or Shitslist.



I only have several rules, (BECAUSE WE HAVE SLIMBALL LAWYERS IN  A SUE HAPPY SOCIETY). One and two, you cannot slander, or libel anyone. This means talk shit about someone or something that ISN’T true and list their identifiable information. Take a moment to google those two terms libel and slander.

Also, Nothing, absolutely nothing about child exploitation/predation period is allowed!

See not many rules, too many rules in society as it is. This is freedom of speech, freedom of mind. Express yourself openly. Get that anger out. Rant and Rave!




Emotional Intelligence

Catch phrase bullshit overrated concept of the decade Emotional Intelligence. This is being used to turn people into SHEEPLE.  If you’re a human being and have emotions and you express yourself honestly you are Emotionally unintelligent. Ok I understand and I think everyone understands that going postal at work is probably not the smartest thing to do and will guarantee a very loooong job search. But it’s another thing to tell people to bend over and pull down their pants when you’re being royally fucked over, and while you’re doing that, how about smile for the camera? You can now even score how “Intelligent” you are emotionally all over the web and take endless classes on how to quiet your inner feelings by being Emotionally Intelligence, it’s all about how you look on the outside, Smile!